Planit IE | Announcement - James Hartwell is now a Landscape Architect with Planit-IE.
Promotion to Landscape Architect recognises James Hartwell's ongoing contribution to projects, leading role with the team and development of TVIA expertise.
James Hartwell, Landscape Architect, Promotion, Planit-IE, Altrincham
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Landscape Promotion!

It is a pleasure to share news that James Hartwell is now a Landscape Architect with Planit-IE.

This promotion recognises his contribution to projects, including: The International House, Sale Public Realm and Movement Strategy, Padiham; and most recently Stoke PRS, Festival Hall and Hatch at Circle Square. James is increasingly taking a leading role within these teams, co-ordinating multiple tasks and the delivery of project outputs, as well as representing the practice at Client meetings.

Since joining the practice in 2012, James had also applied previous TVIA experience and developed this through Planit-IE’s approach and procedures; taking a considered approach to assessment and the development of reports.

Congratulations James! We wish you well as your career develops and you continue progression on the Landscape Institute’s Pathway to Chartership.