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Planit-IE and Virtual Planit offer a range of professional services predominantly based around Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, 3D Visualisation and Graphic Design
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By blending art, science and an innate understanding of the relationship between people and the environments they inhabit, our Landscape Architects create spaces that truly enhance the experience of those who live, work, learn and play among them. Working with the grain of the physical landscape and existing patterns of human behaviour, they are responsible for our truly striking portfolio of parks, squares and plazas in both the urban and rural environment.

Blackburn 7

Whether it is a tight urban block or 500 hectares of agricultural land, our urban and landscape design skills give us the tools to work at scale. Big plans are often complex and require a myriad of different disciplines to deliver. We understand the challenges they present and know how to manage the craft of masterplanning for the best end result, using our landscape assessment experience to plan, test and adjust as part of the process – not as an adjunct to it.

Our photorealistic images, characterful montages and high quality animations breathe life into projects and capture the true spirit of a building or place. These incredibly detailed CGI renders are powerful tools for securing planning permission, funding or buy-in from clients and stakeholders, who can see their vision take shape before their eyes. We invest heavily in emerging technologies to discover new ways of showcasing our innovative designs.

Surf Snowdonia 8

We have an enviable track record at Public Inquiry across both urban and rural settings. Our ability to combine Visually Verified Montages and robust Zone of Visual Influence mapping techniques with inquiry-proof urban design analysis and design proposals gives our clients complete peace of mind that their proposals are fit for purpose. This in-house collaboration provides a higher quality finished product while delivering increased efficiency through known, understood and tested working principles. Managing Partner Pete Swift is an experienced Expert Witness, having given evidence at numerous Public Inquiries throughout his professional career. Pete’s knowledge and understanding of the landscape, urban design and planning process make him the first port of call for nationwide developers and local authorities requiring assistance in their case.

Our in-house Graphic Designers work with the entire P-IE team developing brochures, exhibition boards, consultation material and publications to support the studios in everything we do. As well as being incorporated into the wider design team and assisting in all stages of the development process, they also undertake bespoke single commissions.