A Year Out to Remember

Our time at Planit-IE has provided us with a vast amount of knowledge and insight into a professional environment during a very unique time period.

Working at Planit during 2020-2021 was a year like no other. Navigating industry might have been challenging enough but with Covid-19 thrown into the mix this definitely created new challenges that year outs had not faced before. We went through various lockdowns, social distancing and new office rules all while trying to adapt to a new way of working. However, through it all the Planit team were there to support us at every step. 

We have not only learnt the valuable skills and software that we can use to develop our passion in Landscape Architecture moving forward into our masters but have also had the experience of seeing projects from the very start to near completion. 

A benefit of Planit as a practice is that you get the opportunity to work on such a variety of projects. From smaller scale planting plans to huge residential schemes. Even with the on going challenges that every industry is having to adapt to we managed to attend meetings, site visits, social events and more.

Clarissa: “My time at Planit has truly been a great experience, only made better by a fantastic team of people. I feel like my knowledge and graphical skills have developed immensely and I now understand the stages that go into a successful project. A few project highlights from my time at Planit include Ancoats Mobility Hub, Embassy Village and Rochdale Nowhaus. Three very different projects that have all tested me in different ways.

Ancoats Mobility Hub was one of the first projects I worked on. It was a car park and small area of public realm that focused on more sustainable methods of transport, and we aimed to reflect this in the landscape. Not only that, but this project included a green wall. Having never worked on anything like this before, I was able to attend design team meetings and learn how to work with suppliers and other design team members, which was extremely useful.

Another favourite was Embassy Village which was quite a unique project. The plan was to create modular homes that would deliver a safe and welcoming community for homeless and vulnerable men in Manchester. Planit worked on a pro-bono basis to support the creation of this new village aiming to design a landscape that creates a sense of place and belonging whilst providing a variety of activities to do in their new community.

The final project to mention is Rochdale Nowhaus. This is a residential scheme that had a large amount of public realm and combined both public and private spaces. The landscape became quite playful and offered the residents a variety of activities from an on site allotment to a cross country running track. I enjoyed working on the courtyard design, planting and visuals for this project.”

Carrie: “Working at Planit during this more unusual year has been a great experience with skills and memories I’ll never forget. During times of COVID restrictions and lockdowns, the opportunities to work in a team, go on site visits and be around people in the office have been invaluable and more appreciated than ever. 

Some particular project highlights include a private garden, Medieval Quarter and the range of projects currently taking place in Oldham town centre. The range of scales within these projects alone has been really good to see and provided a great experience of what is involved working on projects at these scales. As well as these, I’ve also enjoyed being brought onto various other projects and getting an insight into the variety of other work that’s going on across the company from early stage designs to projects that are close to completion. It’s all been amazing to be a part of and I’m looking forward to seeing them all on the ground soon.

We both agree that Planit has truly been a great company to spend our year in industry with. The collaborative culture and support that we have been given has provided us with the motivation for our future careers. It has been a fantastic year only made better by the amazing bunch of people guiding us through it. We’re sad it’s over but wish the new year outs the best of luck. We know they are going to love it!”

Written by Clarissa Smith and Carrie Bayles, Landscape Assistants