Adidas Campus Competition

Planit joined an illustrious list of international designers submitting proposals for the Adidas Campus, Nuremberg. The design, which embodied the emotions and atmosphere experienced in the pursuit of sporting excellence, made it to the second round of the first stage of this open competition.

3 Adidas stripes – 3 states of play

The inward-looking, single-minded focus associated with psychological preparation, reflected through small-scale contemplative and sensory gardens whilst a blue-sky thinking pod floats above the site.

The heightened state of awareness and acute senses as the body bursts into action. The release of kinetic energy expressed through pulsating lights shooting along converging routes, fixed on a single outcome – the win.

The triumphant exhilaration and joy basking in the glory represented by splendid gardens which lead to outdoor dining plazas, reflective pools and a native forest as the body is replenished and the rehabilitation begins.