B Corp Annual Impact Report – 01

In July 2020, after over two decades of turning spaces into places, Planit-IE became a certified B Corp, making a formal commitment to creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy through our work.

B Corp is a new way of doing business to create lasting value for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. We are proud to be part of a community of people using business as a force for good by committing to a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

As part of our legal commitments set out by B Lab (the people who administer B Corp certifications) we are required to publish an Annual Impact Report within two years of certification. We decided to publish our first Impact Report one year early, to reflect on our current position and set a direction of travel for the year ahead. Welcome to Impact -01

Certification of B Corp status is by no means the end; it’s just the beginning of the journey and we’re in it for the long run.

This first Annual Impact Report gives an account of our journey so far, including the small steps we have already begun to take to improve the social and environmental impact of our business.

Read the report in full here.