Built Environment Expert

It is great to announce that Planit-IE Partner and Head of Urban Design, Andy Roberts, has been appointed as a Built Environment Expert (BEE) by Design Council Cabe.

Design Council Cabe has announced the recruitment of 150 additional BEEs, creating a network of 400 design experts – the largest and most skilled group of its kind in the country. The BEEs will work closely with Design Council Cabe to champion design in the built environment.

Clare Devine, Director of Design Council Cabe, said:

“This network has an unprecedented breadth of expertise, with specialists in public health, inclusion, SMART and culture, joining experts in planning and built environment. We will harness our collective independent expert advice to instigate and foster innovative thinking, providing advice and support to effect transformational change across all aspects of the built environment.”

As an outward looking organisation the practice actively collaborates with fellow design professionals to develop urban design and landscape best practice. Acting as a BEE gives Andy the opportunity to share these skills on an altruistic basis, thus facilitating the design support services offered by Design Council Cabe. Andy considerable expertise in Urban Design and Masterplanning will be utilised to promote the design of places, spaces and buildings; realising transformational change that improves everyone’s quality of life.