Celebrating 20 Years Danish Style

Life’s milestones are marked by parties, gatherings, re-unions and momentous trips. This was the order of the day as we congregated ‘en masse’ for a practice-wide study trip to celebrate Planit-IE’s 20th year. Catching up with colleagues, challenging perspectives, relaxation, meeting new and soon-to-be team members, research, introducing valued friends, delicious food, sharing much-loved haunts… this is how we marked the occasion.

One of Europe’s greats: robust, practical and stylish exemplar.

Design is embedded in the culture and way of life for the Danish, making Copenhagen the clear and obvious choices for an inspirational trip away. Having worked, been spurred on by and found fellow-feeling within its bounds, this was the destination our Directors chose. 

Gathering to eat, drink and party by night; six teams headed out by day to explore with bespoke itineraries and sketchbooks in hand – 

Find out more about what the teams got up to in Copenhagen:
Team Marohn – Public Squares and Beautiful Streets
Team Swift – Connectivity and Cycling
Team Chairetaki – Education and Culture
Team Lord – Parks and Cemeteries
Team Santini – Masterplanning and Regeneration
Team Tokunaga – Housing Typologies and Gardens

Insight comes from people even more than places. During our trip we appreciated the discernment and wise words of Director of the Danish Cyclists Federation, Klaus Bondham. Manchester Life apprentice, Matthew McGowan, who is currently working with us but is employed by Ramboll, was able to meet the team and visit the Global Headquarters of his company in Copenhagen. We were delighted to reunite with friends Oliver Schulze and Louise Grassov of schulze + grassov, and meet Ed Blake of Morris + Company. Our gratitude also goes to ongoing friends 3XN, and their green technology R&D arm GXN, who generously gave their time to talk through their latest project and show so many of us round their waterfront studio. 

We often say that it is not just the journey, but the friends we meet along the way that is so important to us – this was a celebratory trip that brought together colleagues, studios, firm friends and new. What better way to mark our 20th year.