Paul Finch

Paul is a 3D artist who contributes to the creation of high end visualisations for print media and animations using 3D Studio Max. Initially joining Virtual Planit as a freelance artist in September of 2012, he became a permanent member of the team in January 2013. Paul is an experienced technical and architectural 3D ARTIST with strengths in modelling, animation and lighting. With this range of skills he is a valuable member of the team.

Like the rest of the Virtual Planit team he is always looking at ways to expand the Visual side of the business. Learning new packages and plugins such as RAILCLONE, GROWFX and AXYZ ANIMA


Peter Johnson

Peter is a Senior Architectural Visualiser, with over 12 years experience in the profession. As Studio Lead, his role is to guide and control projects from conception to completion. Always looking to incorporate new ideas and technologies with a creative flair and eye for detail. Peter has a wealth of experience covering all sectors of the Architectural Industry, from Airports & Football Stadia to Commercial & Residential Schemes. Peter has a broad skillset but his expertise lies in Lighting, Texturing and Animation.


Pete Nunneley

Pete completed a degree in architecture before deciding to specialise in architectural visualisation. After a successful 6 month freelance contract he joined Virtual Planit full time in June 2013.

Pete has become an integral part of the team he has bought a keen eye for architectural detailing and image composition which has been an essential component in completing a diverse range of visualisation projects, from Racecourses in China to Luxury Office fit-outs in Jersey.

Together with the rest of the team, Pete is keen to develop the abilities of Virtual Planit as a company and has a keen interest in the direction of the industry and how new developments in hardware and software will affect the CGI production process. Whilst he does have an unhealthy addiction to diet coke, he has proved himself to be a reliable, dedicated member of the team.


Stuart Waby

Stuart studied at Staffordshire University where he developed his passion for 3D before going on to complete a MSc in Computer Animation at Leeds Metropolitan University.

He has developed a wide ranging skillset in varying technologies from using and implementing Games Engine technology to Virtual Reality, Photoshop, Stereoscopic 3D animation and an extensive 3D modelling knowledge. Alongside this, Stuart brings excellent time and asset management skills as well as a keen eye for detail to the Virtual Planit team.


Lee Harris

Lee joined in 2007. He moved from 22 years of work and study in the advertising and graphics world into the realms of 3D. His photoshop, illustrator and animation skills have complimented many visualisation projects over the years at Virtual Planit.

His recent projects have incorporated aerial video footage from drone cameras, and he is always looking for new ways to advance the production of work through new technology and software. He also works on landscape and visual assessment images.


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