Chris Hall

Chris joined our Altrincham studio in December 2014 after graduating from the University of Sheffield with a masters degree in Urban Planning and a masters degree with distinction in Urban Design.

His interests lie in master planning, in particular the integration of green infrastructures as a means to sustainably develop to meet housing demand. His background in planning aid his design work, and allow him to ground designs within their context.

At Planit, Chris has quickly found his feet in the Urban Design team, working predominantly on residential and mixed-use master planning projects.


Alexandra Chairetaki

Alexandra moved from Copenhagen to join our Urban Design team. She has an international background within the fields of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design. Whilst working in Copenhagen Alexandra was involved in multi-scale projects, from landscaping and public realm to masterplanning, in cities such as Copenhagen, Moscow, St. Louis, London and Cambridge. She has a special interest in human-oriented approaches that create active and livable spaces for people.

At Planit-IE, Alexandra has been involved in a variety of residential and mixed use masterplanning projects. She has become a valuable part of the team working on the World Heritage site of Albert Dock, Liverpool, to enhance and activate the public realm.


Marie Park

Marie’s background entails working on multi-scaled projects in the fields of Urban Design and Master Planning, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture. Marie brings to the table her interdisciplinary skillset and international experiences, working on a diverse range of projects based in Manchester, London, New York, Philadephia, and Seoul.

Marie is involved in a number of Urban Design projects, both within private and public development sectors. She has collaborated on key vision and master planning documents from concept to delivery stages. Whether at the detailed scale of architecture or the comparatively larger scale of master planning, Marie aspires to create meaningful places that encourage social interaction and inspire people.


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