Copenhagen to Oslo – Day 2

So, Day 2 – flat, fast and remarkably unremarkable… at least in terms of scenery anyway!

We made the first prescribed stop in

Halmstad before the coffee shops had opened  – despite it being market day (that wouldn’t happen in Altrincham!) and so pressed on along pristine tarmaced cycleways until we realised we were over half way in to the day’s mileage and on the Baltic Coast that had closed down for the Autumn.

Salvation came in the form of an odd but nonetheless enchanting cycle cafe that wasn’t actually open, but served up lashings of coffee and a unique blend of yogurt and grains?!

From there very much full steam ahead, hugging the shoreline whils the support car blared out 70’s disco classics and the theme from Rocky….

A long lunch (even in property industry terms) in the picturesque town of Falkenberg (note – segmental arch setts are NOT pointed up here) and then a very brisk last 18 miles to our destination at the coastal resort of Varbergs

 – courtesy of a local club rider who picked up the pace.

The obligatory spa awaited in what appears to be an ex naval college. Luxury ahead of what will be the longest day so far…… with the most hills….. in the rain! 

Written by Pete Swift, Joint Managing Partner