Copenhagen to Oslo – Day 3

There are very few photos from today… due to the continuous torrential rain. Lack of photos however does not equate to lack of progress… or effort!!

Despite having to catch the group (who had sped off bang on time whilst I was filling my bottles), we spent much of the day together, taking turns on the front along long, straight and relatively uneventful cycle paths (wider than most of our roads). 

Unlike previous days, no picturesque market squares and setted courtyards – we had to resort to a youth hostel on route at exactly 8.50am that our driver managed to persuade to open their kitchen… in the name of charity.

The reason for such a precise stop… our illustrious leader, Mark Dransfield, was to do an interview on BBC Radio Sheffield, setting out his reasons why he was objecting to the extension of Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping centre. Eloquent as ever, putting the case forward for sorting the City Centre first (which we would all advocate, right?!), he left the interviewer lost for words, but sadly wasn’t able to crowbar in about the ride…. that interview is booked for tomorrow!

With fire in his belly, Mark led the way to Gothenburg – a rather utilitarian looking City, that had decided to totally replan its internal highway network! Luckily, Garmins won the day, we stopped for an hour to dry off and then headed north, for the coast, hills and our overnight stay. What we found when we arrived was a secret hideaway, with Michellin quality food, and a unique design. If anyone can find it, work out how to stay here… though I hope not too many make the discovery!

So, the only 100 mile day is over, tomorrow should be a breeze… just 80 miles and a few (!) hills.

Written by Pete Swift, Joint Managing Partner