Copenhagen to Oslo – Day 5

I am delighted so say that at 1.15pm today, three of the six riders rolled in to Oslo. 

The Dransfield Properties Copenhagen to Oslo ride is done and we thank you all for your support and interest.

Getting in early meant one of my lifetime ‘bucket list’ items could be ticked off…. the breathtaking Snohetta Architect’s Opera House.

It did not disappoint and now to get ready for the Gala Dinner.

Oddly, thanks to Sir Howard Bernstein and our old friend Darren Jones at Himor – without you I would never have met Mark and his colleagues and ended up on this amazing, life affirming week of cycling.

Enjoy the weekend, and if you would still like to donate, please do so by clicking the link below.

Virgin Money Giving – Team Dransfield

Cheers!! Or rather Jubel!!

Written by Pete Swift, Joint Managing Partner