Cunning Wall Art

Change is afoot in the Planit Studio, to create more welcoming and flexible spaces for our Clients and Co-consultants – making a studio from studio, if not a home from home.

As part of the works Cunning Craftsman, Chris Dorning, produced some stunning wall art. His vibrant mural winds up the light-filled stairwell, craftily weaving elements of our projects together to form an ingenious piece that has intrigued staff and visitors alike.

We had no idea what we were letting ourselves in for as, with a stacked timber paint box and brush in hand, Chris’s work started to extend. Delving into publications, talking to staff about their projects and selecting motifs and elements from our portfolio, his art work rapidly built up. With a refreshing lack of constraint and playful disregard for scale, the piece developed and emerged over a handful of days – leaving us wondering what new additions we’d see each morning as we came into the studio.

Will you be able to spot your project within its layers when you next visit our studio?

Look out for Artist Chris Dorning and his work at Altrincham Market or visit