Dragon boat race winners!

It was a suspense-filled day of twists and turns, as Planit-IE and co-consultants Walker Sime joined forces to compete in Peel’s Dragon Boat Race. 

The annual Dagon Boat Race is organised by Peel to raise charitable funds for local initiatives. This year’s donations were dedicated to Claire House Hospice, helping seriously and terminally ill children live life to the full by creating wonderful experiences and bringing a sense of normality to family life. By providing specialist nursing care and emotional support, they help families when life couldn’t get any tougher.

With charitable ambitions and competitive determination, Walker Sime and Planit-IE crew made strong start, winning the first 2 heats and setting the fastest time for a heat. The team found themselves in seventh place with one heat to go, racing against Client and race organiser, Peel! A close race ensued, but synchronisation of rhythm and team work propelled the Walker Sime/Planit-IE boat over the finish line with the second fastest time of the day to secure our place in the final.

By the midpoint point of the final, a straight race between 4 boats, we were languishing at the back of the pack. With a herculean effort we edged forward, steadily pulling in front of our competitors to take the lead with just 15 metres to the finish line. After a tense wait for deliberations, the Planit-IE and Walker Sime crew were declared the reigning Dragon Boat Race champions in Liverpool!

Congratulations to crew members Ben Webb, Charlie Chu, Chris Tildsley, Derek Walker, Emma Thompson, Georgina Baines, Mike Hopwood, Molly Deakin, Pete Swift, Rob Wallace, Sean Swarbrick, Tim Gardner and Trish Blasbery who furiously rowed to the beat of Anna Couch’s drum!