Future Planning, the P-IE Way

Planit-IE recently gathered for a practice-wide Future Planning Day in the Old Bank Residency – the place where creative things happen. All studios and disciplines were brought together to reinforce our collective mindset of ‘working as one’ as we focus on the future of the business.

Periodically one needs to pause and take stock; to consider how far you’ve come and focus on where you are heading. Our Founding Directors kicked the day off by sharing their story of the practice’s establishment. With limited assets in terms of finance and existing clients, the practice was formed by Ed, Pete and Richard,  intertwining personal and business life; built on trust and friendship. From their first study trip to Barcelona to our 20th year celebratory trip to Copenhagen with our 70 plus -strong team, much experience and many insights have been gained along the way.

Our founder’s story highlighted that when setting up a business, it is important to take BOTH your families on the journey as you grow; constantly moving forward. Sharing how we’ve developed enabled the whole team to appreciate what has shaped us and made us what we are today.  It reinforced that our culture is what we value, and this runs through everything we do. We NEVER stand still. We strive to be BETTER. We NURTURE talent. We encourage CREATIVITY. We EMBRACE the unexpected. This is us.

Next up, ‘A Year in the Life of P-IE’, a fast-paced Pecha kucha-style cruise of highlights that celebrated the practice’s successes, milestones and achievement. This was a great way to share all that we have jointly achieved throughout the last year, and open up thoughts of our collective mission for the years ahead. Building on a great foundation, our focus is on incremental gains that combine in our drive to simply be ‘better’.

There is a huge sense of team within Planit, within which we have both collective and personal responsibilities. The opinions, contributions and ideas of each individual team member is valued, and were explored through a series of break-out sessions during the afternoon. Small groups convened to explore key aspects of the practice’s development, considering Responsibility/Sustainability, People, Innovation, Finance, Business Development and Social Value.

Breaking for a delicious soup and sushi lunch by Altrincham’s The Con Club and coffee by Swansong gave the team the chance to catch up with each other and Old Bank Residents, including Poster Paint and With Love before the afternoon workshops. There was also time to take a peak at the answers to our staff questionnaire. We’re sharing some of the best responses…

    •  If no one would laugh, what would you do as an alternative career? MI5 Secret Agent. Suspense, excitement, drama! What’s not to like
    • What gets you up in the morning? The thought of missing the day
    • What is the best piece of advice you could give? Everyone is making it up as they go along or Don’t look back… you’re not going that way
    • What make you happiest? Introducing people to new places
    • What does your ideal weekend look like? Mountains and the promise of a good pub
    • What best three words describe you? Opinionated, tenacious, adventurous