We are Planit

We create better futures through collective design.

We take an integrated approach to designing with communities – pioneering the way for sustainability in all forms, across all our projects; collaborating on all scales. From region and city; to spaces and objects, we are society-centric – a creative company that cares passionately about the long-term health of the places we create and shape.

We are privileged to work with ‘living tools’ and so our relationship to and association with the earth, is fundamental to our being. We operate as stewards and guardians – beyond simply seeing the design or construction processes as ends in themselves. We practice across decades, planning for the centuries and moulding the millennia ahead of us.

Our people are talented thinkers and problem solvers; who are inventive, question everything, and want to make a difference. We are responsible, brave, inventive and thoughtful – acutely aware of our responsibility to people, place and planet.

We refuse to work on projects that cause harm or sit at odds with our mission and purpose. We measure our success by a carbon positive outcome across the lifecycle of all our projects; by the communities and lives that we have changed, and by the levels of wellbeing within our practice.

What makes us different is our one team culture. We are always learning and enjoy spending time across our studios. Technology for us, has always sat alongside pencil and paper – essential tools in the pursuit of our endeavours. We look to utilise technology to solve the big problems faced by communities and the environment. We’re proud, we take ownership, and are excited about what we might do next.

We strive to deliver great design and quality that makes a positive difference, for the common good; fit for purpose.