Looking back on a Year Out

I count myself as one of the lucky ones – to have found a great place to work and develop my skills during my professional year out placement.

Over the past ten months at Planit-IE I’ve worked on a number of different projects of varying scale and workstages. The main schemes I have been involved in were so dissimilar to each other but still, I hold them all close to my heart. As always, the most interesting projects are the ones you can’t talk about, but I particularly enjoyed working on: a historic post-industrial city-centre site; Brockhole Visitor’s Centre at the heart of the Lake District National Park; and the mixed-use redevelopment of a former country estate.

The most striking project was creating a hypothetical design for Stevenson Square in Manchester and presenting proposals at a public event organised by the National Trust. Rose, a fellow 4th year, and I were in charge of the whole design and presentation, which was an exciting amount of responsibility to be given. We also helped put together a pop-up park for the day of the event and the whole office pitched up to encourage and cheer us on.

The cherry on the cake (that has made my stay exceptional) is the constant teamwork experience. Throughout the day people discuss their projects and get involved. This support and collaboration, which are almost second nature to everyone at Planit, is very encouraging and has increased my confidence a lot.

But what is even better is that I feel people at Planit go a step further to cultivate the relationships they have with each other. Studio gatherings, informal meetings, trips, lunches, diners, and parties always resonate with laughter and you quickly invest in the people around you. This then reflects in our work and in our studio environment. In this way Planit-IE has shown me how Landscape Architecture is not just a job, but a way of living.

If you would like to join the team follow the link HERE for more details of how you could become our next Year Out student.

Written by Camille Galland