NOMA Bespoke

Planit-IE visited Chris Brammall Ltd’s studios to see the manufacture of customised street furniture for a new public space within The Co-operative’s historic estate.

Glossy photos and aspirational CGIs abound across the property industry, but the act of creation and realisation is always the most exciting aspect of being a designer. This is particularly true when working with talented artists and manufacturers; exploring the fluid line between collaboration and trust in their creativity. Planit-IE has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Chris Brammall Ltd and we are currently working on a range of bespoke street furniture for a new square which will form the heart of the NOMA estate in Manchester.

Chris Brammall specialises in the design and fabrication of custom-made sculptural and architectural metalwork. The trip to the workshop revealed the level of craftmanship, understanding of materials and quality of manufacture that combine to create such beautiful and distinctive pieces.

A swatch of materials combines to form a suite of complementary elements for the public realm. This includes black granite seating with bronze inlays, bronze and blackened steel cycle stands, handrails with integral lighting and bollards with verdigris insets. Most impressive of all, due to their sheer size and design, are the towering totems, formed from a steel core with bronze panels. The design is an abstract of the fragile vein structure of a leaf; a delicate natural form working in unison with the colossal strength of the manufactured steel frame.  The totems reflect NOMA as a place that creatively balances the new hard urban built environment with its many green spaces.

The selection of natural stone and metal, a variety of surface patinas and substantial proportions ensure this workmanship will be enjoyed for decades to come.

The new square is being created through the transformation of a forgotten area within the NOMA estate. The ERDF supported project is due to be completed later this year.