Observe | Design | Implement at LSA Spring School

The Liverpool School of Architecture’s Spring School offers a range of masterclasses through which to explore new and existing skills; ‘warming students up’ for the semester ahead. In an ‘Observe | Design | Implement’ session led by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and Planit-IE, students were invited to become directly involved in the University of Liverpool’s masterplan project, which the two practices are currently developing.

The four day programme offered the opportunity to explore place and people through contemporary architecture. Students were encouraged to push creative boundaries, participate in idea generation and bring definition to a critical part of the Campus; the square near Student Services and underpass. Through the creation of a temporary intervention, they gained and brought unique perspectives to important spaces and places within the emerging masterplan.

Danny Marsh, Pete Swift and Sean Swarbrick from Planit-IE’s Liverpool team braced themselves for a brisk and chilly day, guiding the on-site analysis and approach on Day 1. Opinions about how students perceive the space, both positive and negative, were gathered from 142 people. Sarah Watts joined to help tease out intervention ideas for the space and establish what the students wanted to achieve through their installation. The idea of the ‘Happy Tunnel’ emerged, with the aim of creating something that positively impacts somebody’s day.

Day 2 focussed on the testing of ideas, led by Geoff Rich, Katie Shannon and Peter Mitchell from Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and Emma Thompson from Planit-IE. A variety of colourful materials were used on Day 3 to create a vibrant, engaging and active experience that could be incorporated within the underpass. The realised installation utilised Liverpool’s almost ever-present, and invigorating wind to create movement.

Spring School masterclasses took place in and around Liverpool School of Architecture from Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th inclusively plus celebrations, critique and exhibition Sunday 27th January. It was great fun to take part in the workshops, share ideas in such a positive environment and help create the installation.

Written by Sarah Watts, Project Landscape Architect