Planit Promotions!

The Partnership is delighted to announce the following staff promotions.

Peter Johnson – Principal Architectural Visualiser
Pete has been leading Virtual Planit’s studio for the last couple of years, becoming an invaluable right-hand man to Richard Line. His ability to hold the respect of the studio, whilst galvanising the team, is much appreciated. Pete grasps what makes a great visual and continues the drive for higher quality imagery, orchestrating the work of several members of the team to realise the culminating finished product. He has a sound understanding of the financial position of projects; quoting, leading and delivering projects of his own.

Pete Nunneley – Project Architectural Visualiser
An ever reliable and conscientious member of Virtual Planit’s studio, Pete consistently produces high quality work at considerable pace. He demonstrates a dedicated attention to detail and is a keen contributor to reviews of imagery before it leaves the studio. Pete consistently leads and delivers projects on programme and has the ability to manage multiple jobs at one time. A natural communicator, Pete easily liaises with co-consultants and clients. He has a clear understanding of the financial standing of his projects and is always looking for workflow efficiencies that benefit the studio.

Stuart Waby – Project Architectural Visualiser
Stuart has played the key role in leading Virtual Planit’s technological innovation, which started with successfully camera matching drone footage and 3D visualisations. This led on to the pioneering methodology for Verified Video, which has been well received by many as a vital tool for demonstrating the impact and benefits of proposed development. Stuart also moved us into Virtual Reality, leading to a major commission on Circle Square. In addition to the research and development, which has expanded our capabilities and services, Stuart has an admirable work ethic and ability to confidently take all within his stride.

Will Smith – Project Landscape Architect
Following attainment of his Landscape Institute Chartership in 2016, Will has become an invaluable team member, providing support to Matt and Rob. He is the day-to-day lead on some of the studio’s largest public realm projects, and manages busy meetings clearly and coherently. In addition to project work, he gave a presentation to sixty Manchester Metropolitan University Architecture students who left with a clear understanding of the relationship between Architecture and Landscape. He consistently demonstrates professionalism and maturity with clients and co-consultants, and we hope he continues to build trusted relationships with some of the Practice’s key collaborators.

Sarah Barker – Landscape Architect
Sarah has consistently performed to an exceptionally high standard and has an ambitious approach to design. Her ability to act maturely and professionally on the First Light project with Hassell Architects resulted in positive feedback from the client and co-consultants. This, and her attitude within the studio, has given Kev the confidence to allow Sarah to take a leading role on significant projects. Sarah takes a proactive role in the team, assisting others in both their workflow and resourcing, as well as inputting to all stages of the design process. Her views and thoughts are formed with careful consideration.

Congratulations to each of you. Your promotions are well-deserved and we’d like to thank you for your continued work and commitment to the practice.