Princes Dock Neighbourhood Plan, Liverpool

Princes Dock is a historic dock, located north of the Pier Head and the Three Graces, adjacent to the River Mersey and the central business district of Liverpool City Centre. Its neighbourhood masterplan is the first to come forward as part of the Liverpool Waters planning permission.

The Princes Dock Neighbourhood Masterplan is the result of 12 months consultation involving a consortium of developers, designers and local stakeholders. A condition of the original Liverpool Waters outline consent, the masterplan aims to create a comprehensive, yet flexible approach to the future development of Princes Dock. This is a dynamic document proposes an approach to development within Princes Dock at a point in time whilst retaining the ability to respond to any future contextual challenges or influences.

The Neighbourhood Masterplan creates a spatial framework for future development within the dock. The design principles and guidance within the document are not a substitute for design talent and do not impose a particular architectural style, however it does set a baseline of minimum requirements for future development. New development is expected to comply with the guidance. Where a proposal does not, then substantial justification for deviation from the guidance will be required to explain, how or why it differs and what additional spatial, environmental or community benefits that may bring.

Several buildings already existing within the dock boundaries, and some buildings have planning permission and are due to start on site, therefore the masterplan document presents proposals for the remaining developable areas and how they should relate to the existing development, the wider city and future Liverpool Waters neighbourhoods to the north of the site. The structure of this document follows that mix of existing, consented, emerging and future proposals which make up the status of Princes Dock.