Full-time Senior Urban Designer sought to join Planit-IE’s Standish studio – The Gatehouse and 5th Studio in Gloucestershire.

Planit-IE is a B Corp accredited practice, working to harness the power of business as a force for good. Along with over 4,000 businesses globally, we are collectively setting new corporate standards for social, environmental, and ethical performance. We are Landscape Architects, Urban Designers and Visualisers who help to create better futures through collective design. Our dedication to quality, in everything we do, ensures we deliver extraordinary places.

As Urban Designers and Landscape Architects, we approach all our projects by gathering knowledge of a site’s history, geography, geology and ecology. We engage with the communities that surround them and try to ground ourselves in the place and start to develop a curiosity and passion for its long-term potential. On one such commission in Gloucestershire, for an enabling development on a former historic estate, we developed a deeper curiosity for the special qualities of the site and the people that we had encountered along the way, and began to hatch a plan.

When you spot an opportunity that feels right, it often is. Having the conviction and determination to follow it through is hard work and why many never see the light of day. The Gatehouse is our 5th Studio, and has taken 4 years to realise. It draws on all our years of knowledge and experience, was designed by our friends and collaborators at FCBS; has been built by local people who are passionate about their craft, has 8 acres of fertile land, sits within an AONB on the edge of the Cotswold Escarpment, and is very much a privilege, responsibility, and a project in and of itself.

It’s a laboratory, a classroom, a workshop, a meeting place, a productive landscape, a kitchen, a theatre, a library, a studio, a community cafe and guest house that will help to shape and inform our designs and thinking about a better future, with support from the wider Planit family.

We are going to be heightening our relationship with nature, working with our hands, furthering our knowledge through practical application and experimentation in the field, building on existing and new relationships and collaborations, sharing our learning and experiences through all possible means, and others yet unimagined.

We are now in occupation and ready to build a small team to challenge, provoke and test new ways of thinking about what matters in our work and how we can continue to do improve our knowledge and creativity with greater purpose.

We are seeking to appoint a Full-time Senior Urban Designer or an Urban Designer

The ideal candidate will be keen to play a part in developing these new approaches, weaving them into our working practices in relation to the large-scale project across the company. They will also support the Managing Director and take on leadership responsibilities on key projects within the region, overseeing development of less-experienced team members.

qualities / attributes:

  • Post-graduate qualification in Urban Design
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience working within Urban Design
  • Experience and interest in working at strategic scale

Are you:

  • Inspired to solve problems through design?
  • Someone with the drive, self-belief and tenacity to persevere despite setbacks?
  • Someone who genuinely enjoys collaborating with others?
  • Motivated by finding solutions to the challenges facing our planet?

Do you want to work for a design practice that:

  • As an accredited B Corp, is environmentally and socially conscious, and actively committed to adding value through our business operations?
  • Has a passion for sensitively integrating landscape and urban design in a manner which serves to form the essential building blocks for communities?
  • Whose vision is to create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities?
  • Values its people, is working towards becoming an Employee Owned Trust, and is committed to employee engagement and professional development?

Interested in joining our team?

Please upload an original cover letter, CV and details of your experience (max file size 5mb) to apply.

No postal copies. No agencies. We welcome applications for any future roles that may arise in Greater Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Standish near Stroud.

As a B Corp accredited practice, we are now moving towards a deeper conversation and awareness around diversity, equity and inclusion. We are keen to meet people with varied backgrounds. Our view is the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be, and the stronger we will become.

Many of our team members work flexibly in different ways, including reduced hours. Please talk to us at the interview stage if flexibility is needed. We may not be able to accommodate your requirements, but you will not be judged for asking, and we will give them careful consideration relative to our business needs.