Studio Re-inhabitation

Having worked from home for an extended period, we have really come to appreciate the advantages of working within a collaborative design studio. Some aspects are practical, such the ability to print, sketch at scale, scan and take advantage of higher internet speeds and server access, but others are more experiential. Whilst we have found many new ways to work, collaborating in the same space helps nurture a collective and interdisciplinary approach to design, and supports the sharing of knowledge, which is of particular benefit to less experienced team members.

Planit’s Studio Re-inhabitation Approach and Plans were developed to guide our return to effective studio working and creative collaboration, which are fundamental strengths of the business. They will flex and adapt in response to context over time to enable team members to safely and confidently work within the studios, whether full-time or occasionally. Details of the approach for each studio are provided below, including information for non-team members who need to visit the practice. Full risk assessments are available on request.

Posters, designed by Graphic Designers Fiona Finchett and Molly Deakin, provide some playful reminders of the measures we have in place.