Team Lord in Copenhagen

Parks and Cemeteries – Caroline Lord studied in Copenhagen for 2 years. She likes attractive things like parks… and cemeteries.

Team Lord put their urban cycling skills to the test while exploring Copenhagen on bike, covering a total distance of 15 miles. The tour began with a suburban exploration as we paid a visit to Amager Strandpark, a beach on the South Eastern coastline of the city. Undeterred by the windy conditions, we braved the elements and arrived at the Kastrup Søbad (Kastrup Sea Bath), a sculptural timber structure that provides a unique swimming opportunity (one we decided not to take!) in the cold Baltic Sea. 

A cultural opportunity we did welcome was a rest in Freetown Christiania to enjoy a cold beer whilst browsing the local organic street market.

The team cycled on to visit BaNanna Park, sited on a former industrial wasteland and named after the adjacent street ‘Nannasgade’. The Park featured a large urban climbing wall for the local monkeys, as well as a giant banana. 

The iconic Superkilen was next on our tour; a site we were all very excited to explore as a well-used precedent within our studies and research. It brought out the child in all of us as we participated in wrestling matches, raced up and down the ‘hills’ and enjoyed the swings. 

Having a quick pit stop to grab some dinner at a Mexican in a quirky side street, we finished our tour in the Meat Packing District where we reunited with other teams for a wholesome 140Kr (£18!!) pint. 

Written by Graduate Urban Designer, Eleana Orr and Landscape Architect, Sarah Barker.

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