Team Marohn in Copenhagen

Public Squares and Beautiful Streets – Anna Marohn and Lindsay Humblet worked on the Copenhagen Arena project.

Led the enigmatic Anna Marohn, we started ‘small’ at the Copenhagen Arena, one of our own; delving into Ørestad, one of the city’s newest neighbourhoods. A simple palette of materials, generous focus on water management, and a free flowing streetscape combined to create a truly Scandinavian character. With the arena acting as the focal point, the form of the new neighbourhood seemed to echo its character, helping to establish a coherent urban whole.

We jumped on our bikes and headed towards some of the more iconic of Copenhagen’s public spaces. Firstly, City Dune by SLA. It was immediately evident that this was a space where architecture and landscape worked harmoniously from an early stage of the design process; the built form and surroundings complementing one another other. Clever manipulation of the levels and planting made a steep incline feel like a meandering journey. A real oasis of planting allowed for complete immersion away from the city centre. You’d never know there was a car park beneath.

Passing through the rather uninspiring and austere SEB Bank square, we rode towards the Kalvebod Waves by JDS Architects and KLAR Architects. Playful and multifunctional, it was far from uninspiring. The Wave does justice to its heritage, utilising a muted material palette. Combining both activity and dwell space, it creates an element of risk that allows people to truly and physically engage with the water; setting this scheme apart from waterfront counterparts in the UK.

Our time in Copenhagen made us realise that substandard and value engineered development does not need to be the norm. Their agenda for high quality design, led by a pro-design governance structure, creates truly great spaces and places. This is a mantra we will strive for in our own work, trying to create schemes that push similar boundaries.

Written by Graduate Landscape Architect, Ashleigh Davis and Graduate Urban Designer, Caleb Jones

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