The Perfect Wave…Begins!

Today the WORLD’S FIRST commercial inland surf lagoon opens. It will revolutionise the world of surfing…. It will also transform the prosperity of the sleepy village of Dolgarrog.

When the aluminium factory shut down, so did the village really. It’s reason for being there simply vanished.

As the Victorians building the railways, it always takes the mind of an entrepreneur to see an opportunity. Enter Mr Martin Ainscough.

The full story of this amazing journey will unfurl over the coming weeks, but for now, sit back and enjoy the coverage in the press and on the TV…. It will be everywhere!!

Our client, Colonel Steve Davies MBE, Managing Director of Surf Snowdonia, set up the company with Andy Ainscough – son of Martin the site owner and legendary Crane Mogul!! These guys are something else – if only more of our clients had never done the thing they were doing before…

Steve, Andy and Martin have real vision and a genuine passion for the project, yet every decision made is grounded in commercial reality. The development is also set sensitively within its surroundings; its proximity to the Snowdonia National Park boundary making a landscape-led approach the obvious way forward.

The project has come together relatively quickly, yet we have been looking at options for the site for over three years. The introduction of Wavegarden to the equation was a game-changer – as it will be for Dolgarrog and North Wales. This is not another cheap and cheerful water park – Surf Snowdonia is a world-class surfing facility, able to generate the perfect 2m high wave, day in day out, all year round, catering for beginners and experts alike.

As we have said before, over the last 18 years we have worked on some fantastic projects – but this is incredibly exciting and in closest harmony with our desire to get people to enjoy sport in the great outdoors. We can’t wait to get the wetsuits on and start surfing!’