We are a creative studio who value healthy places to live, work, and play. We collaborate with clients, architects and engineers, artists and craftspeople.

We take a pragmatic approach to a brief, but are not afraid of seeking out meaning in a project. Whilst rationalists, we do not see ourselves as mere conduits, we search for and lay out narratives to add delight.

Our strengths lie in our ability to work from sketch to stewardship to craft communities; parks and gardens; big and small; ancient and modern; urban and rural.

From regional strategies; visionary masterplanning of urban quarters through to city streets; squares, parks and gardens – Much of our work lies in the exploration of the relationship between man and nature/ development and landscape. In turn we are experienced in working with clients and local authorities to ensure that proposals for urban and rural growth are grounded in a respect for the landscape. Our larger scale masterplanning and urban design is always landscape-led, whether we are working in the Green Belt, AONB, heritage landscapes or simply beautiful places.

Our work is frequently concerned with scale – with timescales; with scales of speed and distance and with the physical scale of things. We are interested by the way people relate to their surroundings (from the wider environment to the arrangements of their immediate lives), and how legibility, understanding and behaviour are modified by perception of scale. We think carefully about scaleable landscapes – flexible places that are comfortable and inviting for a single person but which can also hold 50,000 people if needed – places which work well on the summer bank holiday, but also on a rainy weekday night.

Our work has sustainable foundations – whether designing innovative water management systems , integrating sustainable infrastructure into cities, or working with developers and communities improving suburban housing. Our work is motivated by a belief that we are designing legacies, so we are constantly exploring new models of stewardship, ensuring our involvement in projects is long lasting and rewarding.

Sustainable development is ingrained in our design ethos and we aspire to create Landscapes for Healthy Living and in turn, Intelligent Environments, valued by all ages and to be appreciated by generations to come.