A team of talented Architectural Visualisers and Animators, Virtual Planit is our in-house visualisation team. All experts in virtual environments, they have been producing CGI’s and animations since 2000. Each one pushing realism to new heights and new levels of detail. From apartments to academies and social housing to sports stadia, our experience across all sectors and our expertise in 3D Studio Max guarantee outstanding results.

We are adept at working to tight deadlines and can mobilise the whole studio to work as one. Even at the earliest stages, working with limited information and the briefest of sketches, we are capable of producing high quality CGIs to realise your architectural vision. And with specialist expertise in Visually Verified Montages, our robust technique of Verified Visualisation stands up to scrutiny at public inquiry. Check out more from VP here on their dedicated site.



Whether its working with your Revit/Sketch up model or its a 3d model we build from your drawings, our CGI’s have raised the benchmark for still imagery. CGI’s have the freedom of artistic licence as they are not bound by the confines of a photograph. This allows us to pick particular views of interest. We have an eye for composition and can deliver CGI’s in quick time by pooling the whole studio together.

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With the growing need for accuracy, a VVM gives a photomontage robustness and stands up to scrutiny in a public inquiry. These VVM’s employ the services of a surveyor and photographer on site at the same time and work in real world co-ordinates. Realism and accuracy are guaranteed.

We adhere to, and help to collate strategic landscape and visual assessments in conjunction with planners, clients and master planners.

We can follow the Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Assessment as published by the Landscape Institute, but these are sometimes limited to the exclusion of Zones of Visual Influence. For large developments we would therefore advise on the production of ZVI and Visual Envelope Maps that require the building of digital terrain models, and that existing affected developments be included in the resultant computer model. This information allows us to perform a scientifically correct analysis of visual impact on specific locations around a large site.

For urban areas and street scenes we survey existing structures from given and proposed viewpoints, then marry this data with a proposed scheme to produce spacially accurate representations of proposed built forms within the area of impact.


Having a complete 3d model of any development, allows for the opportunity to produce animations. VP’s approach to animation is again thorough in its process. We storyboard the whole video and select a piece of music that carefully captures the mood of the development.  Sections of animation are cut to the tempo of the music to make for a more engaging animation. We can provide voiceover and add in graphics as an extra dimension.



Recent improvements in aerial photography have meant that super smooth HD quality video is now available from drones. We have the expertise to match our 3d model into real video for the ultimate animation experience.

Recent projects for Liverpool FC, Liverpool City Council, Stockport MBC and Discovery Park have enabled us to fly state of the art drones over safe locations and record both still imagery and HD video. The aerial image of the New Anfield Main Stand above is one such image. We supervise the photography on site and art direct the whole shot.

The Liverpool Knowledge Quarter project for the City Council involved VP art directing the video and camera matching in block models of proposed development into the video. Recent developments have allowed us to do this with our rendered models.


Many projects draw upon where VP’s technical skills in the production of Verified Views (AVR’s), but a new pioneering approach is the recent production of Verified Videos. Unlike still imagery the videos capture city-wide context, with moving cars and people, to give a real impression of how the development is portrayed in everyday life.