What Graphics Can Do For You

There are a host of opportunities for our in-house Graphic Design team to complement and enhance our work as Landscape and Urban Designers, as well as create bespoke content, websites and collateral for our clients. What better way for all to see ‘What Graphics Can Do For You’ than to celebrate through some great project examples that share the breadth and variety of work produced, in one of our weekly Rise and Shine sessions.

The Graphic Design team is an integral part of our multi-disciplinary approach, tied into the design team from the outset so they appreciate and complement proposals; using their skills to aid understanding and communication. Strong visual coherence that establishes a project’s identity, character and sense of place spans numerous elements, which often include the following.

From public consultations to careers evenings at a local school, boards highlight different aspects of a project or tell a scheme’s story. Whether following specific project branding or simply documenting the flow of work, the focus of our professional documents and reports is to create enjoyable and easily digested material that speaks directly to the target audience. The same is true of the websites we create, often as part of a consultation process where the primary aim is to communicate design proposals in an engaging manner that encourages as wide an audience as possible to provide essential feedback that informs and enriches the development of our designs. Presentations may bring ideas together, support communication of proposals, or be used to share our work. It is a considerable skill to be able to enliven an internal training session on public tendering, using graphics to illustrate and ease our internal bid response procedures!

Project visions, purposes or ideals can be condensed within logo which becomes and visual cue or signature that represents a scheme. Diagrams are frequently created to encapsulate and bring different aspects together, immediately relaying an idea or concept in a visual compelling manner that is accessible to all. Personality and interest can be added through the use of  icons, either drawn from our ever-increasing bank or produced specifically to complement the style of a particular project. They often aid accessibility, or form part of an interactive navigation system. From small enhancements dotted through a report, to full-page spreads that bring projects and proposals to life, illustrations enable us to tell a more adaptable story than the typical photograph. However, with the advantage of an in-house photographer as part of the graphics team, we can also capture high-quality site photos that document project progression, celebrate launches and events, and enhance schemes through precedent and inspirational imagery. All elements and aspects work together the create a cohesive brand and visual identity that both suits and enhances a project, sometimes extending from initial concept proposals, throughout the life of the project into placemaking or signage elements within the implemented scheme.

The extent of each element depends on the time and investment available, from a simple graphics check, clean up and proofread, to a fully bespoke, project-specific suited response that has been designed for a particular purpose or effect.

Rise and Shine sessions are a midweek meetup for the whole of Planit-IE, with all studios coming together via a livestream link. It is a time when we dish out knowledge and breakfast across the studios, providing fuel for the mind and body. This session was a great way to boost creativity and gave everyone food for thought relating to the best use of graphical aspects within their next project. If you think Planit’s graphics team could help enhance your scheme, get in touch with Fiona, Molly or Naomi on 0161 9289281 to discuss ‘What Graphics Can Do For You’.